I had to leave beloved Paris to work on a feature film (he who shall not be named), which made me rather sad….BmyUZDUIYAAF_dS

I realise that for some, this may sound like the equivalent of a child moaning about having to leave their pony at home while they attend scuba-diving lessons, but Paris really took a hold and I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to depart from her clutches; luckily, I found a way to reconnect with her.




Of course, if there’s anything that will shake you out of the Paris-haze, it has to be a long flight to LA followed by meeting after meeting, I felt like I’d landed smack bang in the middle of it all, and admittedly, it was pretty exciting to get back into the swing of things.


I came back to sunny London (actually) and got stuck straight into the production side of the project…and then of course the initial enthusiasm I had for the project became sodden with all the things that can possibly go wrong..all of them, so sadly we walked away from this one.Bs-nudKCAAAjaQl

So, there I was, torn away from my Hemingway-esc world in ParisĀ  and taunted with a feature film before having it duly snatched away… Ho hum.


One the plus side, we did have London and a sparkly new office and a sparkly new employee, Rebecca.

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