Genre: Horror/Thriller
Status: In Development
Twitter: @xislefilm

A film that has been buzzing around for nearly ten years now. We nearly sold it to Iceland after an all expenses paid for pitching opportunity before "the crash", and it keeps resurfacing as a film of interest to producers and companies without ever moving forward. But now it is in active development - I'm working on the script, producers are making the important bit happen; as always we'll see.

Tom is going to ‘The Ultimate Adventure’ - The biggest, most exclusive live-action role-play event in the calendar. The 10 lucky participants are delivered by helicopter to a small island; fully briefed, in-character and ready for action, the group embrace their new world, consumed by their mission to escape the island.

And what an experience, the most immersive and incredible any of them have been on. But as members of the team get kidnapped, people start getting hurt, and event organisers abandon their posts, they begin to wonder whether this really is just a game.

Are the inhabitants of the island actors, or real? Are their team mates dead, or have they just failed the mission? Are they fighting to survive, or is it just the ultimate adventure?